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1 - ELEPHANT: Reconstituted Stone. Symbol of mental strength, power, wisdom, determination and stability. 

2 - LOTUS FLOWER: Silver plated. Symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth.

3 - TURTLE: Reconstituted Stone. Represents Mother Earth and symbol of wisdom, perseverance, patience and longevity. 

4 - FILAGREE BALL (10mm): Silver plated. Delicate, neutral design. 

5 - FILAGREE HEART: Silver plated. Delicate design representing love. 

6 - FILAGREE BALL (12mm): Silver plated (8mm). Delicate, neutral design. 

7 - OBLONG WOODEN BEAD: Simple, subtle way to connect body of Mala to the tassel. 

8 - ROUND WOODEN BEAD (8mm): Simple, understated way to connect body of Mala to the tassel. 

9 -CRYSTAL QUARTZ:  Semi-precious stone (varies in size/shape). Enhances energetic properties of healing stones in Chakra Malas.

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