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Reiki is absolutely beneficial for children as much as it is for adults! In fact, getting children started early with these skills will give them an advantage. It is a wonderful way to teach mindfulness at a young age to instill healthy coping skills that will serve them well for years to come. It will help them learn to deal in healthy ways with their every day stresses, and to handle the extraordinary stresses that they face today with a little more ease.  They will learn to defer to calm and not anxiety, which in itself will lead to a happier, healthier life.  


Reiki is a practice that everyone can do for themselves to promote healing in mind, body and spirit and what better time to begin making this a regular part of your life than when a child is young and most receptive to learning. Learning Reiki can be a family affair to get everyone on board and on the same page. Bring more healing and peace into your home and see how your lives- and health- change for the better. 

Since I started practicing Reiki, I have done sessions for a few young clients, and I was surprised by how few "layers" I felt with them. It made me realize how life and experiences add layers to a person (like a tree). With every challenging experience, with every year that passes, another layer is added. It never occurred to me to think of it that way until I did Reiki for a child. Reiki leaves my clients feeling "lighter," and now I understand this to mean that we peeled back a few layers during the session! 

Teaching a child to do Reiki for themselves is one of the greatest gifts they can receive. 



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