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ARROW Grief Groups


Purpose and Ground Rules     

The purpose of this program is to:

  • To initiate the step from survival mode to healing;

  • To dispel some societal misconceptions that hinder instead of help; 

  • To introduce healthy ways of integrating grief, making it easier to carry (building "grief muscles");

  • To offer tools to increase empowerment and resiliency; and 

  • To provide understanding social supports.


Being a member of this group means that you agree to the following:     

  1. While this group is therapeutic in nature, it should not be considered a substitute for therapy services by a licensed mental health professional. If you are seeing a licensed mental health professional, please inform them that you are in this group.  

  2. CONFIDENTIALITY. What we discuss in this group must remain in this group, as we will be sharing highly sensitive and private information. Although confidentiality cannot be guaranteed in a group setting, we should exercise mutual respect by not disclosing anything discussed in this group with anyone outside of it. Exceptions to confidentiality: if a member is in immediate danger to themselves or is endangering another who cannot protect themselves, as in the case of a child, a person with a disability, or an elderly person.

  3. Be on time. Please respectful of everyone’s time. We only have 90 minutes from start to finish, and every minute is valuable.    

  4. Take turns. Let everyone have a chance to speak and do not dominate discussions. While some of us might have a great deal they want to share, please be considerate of others who have things they would like to say, too. Those who choose not to talk may occasionally pass, but one of the biggest benefits of a group setting is the opportunity to share with your peers, and sharing is encouraged. Please refrain from side conversations (unless we split up specifically for them).     

  5. Keep cell phone ringers off. Do not take calls during group time unless it is an emergency.     

  6. Members agree that they will not try to fix anyone else’s problem, just be honest about their own circumstances and what works for them. In addition, group members are not to distribute any handouts to the group members without prior approval from facilitator.

  7. This is a judgment-free zone. This makes it safe for us to share our truths, and your truths might be    different than someone else’s.     

  8. Discrimination or prejudices of any kind will not be tolerated. This group values diversity, equity and inclusion.  

  9. Our group is a safe place. If the facilitator has any reason to believe that a member has hurt or has the potential to hurt any of the other members in any way (emotionally, psychologically, or physically), that member will be removed from the group. No one is obligated to share any details they are not comfortable sharing.

  10. A member may leave the group if they wish; if possible, they should say goodbye to the other group members before doing so, or get the facilitator to say goodbye for them.     


* Please indicate your agreement by checking the box on the Registration Form at the time of registration.





Population: Anyone 21 and over grieving the death of their significant other.


Facilitator Credentials & Contact Info: Program created and facilitated by Andrea Row, certified grief specialist, peer, and Clinical Mental Health Counseling intern with over twelve years of volunteer service with the widowed community. Email:     Phone: (716) 472-3610   Website:


Time/Date/Duration: Meetings take place one per week for ten consecutive weeks on the dates and time indicated at the time of your registration. Each meeting is 90 minutes in duration.  


Location: In-person at Alden Mental Health Counseling Wellness, 11901 Broadway, Alden, NY.


Group Format: The group will meet in-person, and accommodates up to eight members. It is a closed group, which means the members that begin with us at our first meeting will be the same individuals throughout the duration of our ten weeks together. Walk-ins are not permitted to attend.


Session Format: Each session: begins with a guided breathing exercise, includes some education, group discussions, and concludes with a brief journaling task to be completed between sessions (each session has a similar flow). Sessions are topic focused and structured in a way that builds on content from the previous week.


Program Materials:  A journal published by Andrea Row titled, “Death Sucks: A Journal of Life After Loss” will be used throughout our meetings and costs $10. A handout will be distributed each week that outlines that week’s topics.


Client as Consumer: You are encouraged to follow through with the weekly homework assignments. If you do not fully understand something, ask facilitator for clarification. You are more likely to make therapeutic progress by taking an active approach to this program.


Cost of Program:  Currently, no registration fee is required to participate in the program.

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