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This ancient Japanese healing modality facilitates deep relaxation, reduces stress, strengthens the immune system, and balances the body's energy centers- enhancing healing in all dimensions of mind, body, and spirit. In a typical Reiki session, clients are fully clothed and lie down or sit comfortably in a chair. Reiki energy is transferred through a gentle, non-invasive touch, and/or with hands hovering a few inches away. Each Reiki professional operates a little differently, bringing their own unique gifts to the practice.

Clients have reported a wide range of sensations varying from subtle almost undetectable sensations to light vibrational tingling. Just as every individual is different, so are their experiences with Reiki. The most common sensations are warmth and comfort, leaving them with feelings of peacefulness, lightness, and deep relaxation after the session. 

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One (1) Reiki Session

60 Minutes In-Person

Andrea Row, Reiki Master (certified in Usui Reiki Ryoho) is a trauma-informed and grief-literate practitioner whose sessions can include additional modalities such as sound therapy, guided meditation, healing crystals, and aroma therapy. 


Crystal Reiki

60 Minutes In-Person

Reiki and crystals/stones, when used in combination, have powerful healing potential. Each crystal and stone has unique properties that positively interact with the body's energetic field and are intuitively chosen according to the client's specific needs. 


Trauma-Informed Reiki

60 Minute Session In-Person

This Reiki session is tailored for the person with a dysregulated nervous system to help them feel safe and comfortable. Elements of a typical session are modified and other elements are integrated in order to accommodate the unique needs of the individual.


Reiki Package

Three (3) 60 Minute Sessions

Purchase a package of

three (3) 60 minute Reiki sessions and get a 20% discount. A gift for yourself (self-care is not selfish) or to give as a thoughtful gift. Mix and match Reiki options available if you wish. 

Package price: $180

Regular price: $225

(Save $45)

Grief Reiki

60 Minutes In-Person

Grief takes a significant toll on a person mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is not a coincidence that the symptoms associated with grief and the benefits of Reiki go hand-in-hand. This is an excellent self-care tool to help you through your grief journey.


Gift Certificate

One (1) 60 Minute Session

Give the gift of Reiki 


One (1) 60 minute Reiki session

Reiki is a thoughtful, unique gift of healing, appropriate for any person and occasion. Recipient may select any type of Reiki options currently available for their session. 



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