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Chakra: Harmonizes all, soma, third eye, past life, aligns the aura


Beneficial for: Old patterns, hearing disorders, clairaudience, multidimensional healing. 

In addition to carrying the generic properties of *Phantoms and *Quartz, a White Phantom Quartz considerably expands the ability to transmit light and information between higher realms and the earth, opening the recipient to receive healing across immense distances, particularly when multilayered. It can be used for psychic surgery and to remove layers of past-life karma, opening the way for the karma of grace to operate. 


* See "Quartz" page.

* Phantoms: Named from the Latin phantasma, Phantoms are ghostly crystals emcompassed within another, usually but not necessarily Quartz. They form when a crystal stop growing, mineral dust falls on it, and then the crystal begins to grow again, the mineral inclusion determining the color. Symbolizing universal awareness and the many lifetimes of the soul, this crystal is helpful in making transitions, especially to the next life. Taking you traveling through many dimensions, or into your innermost being, multilayered Phantom strips away the layers to reveal your core. Activating healing abilities and stimulating healing for the planet, a Phantom facilitates accessing the Akashic Record and recovering repressed memories. Taking you into the between-lives state to discover the plan for the current lifetime an to assess the next step, a Phantom accesses information for healing the physical body through the etheric blueprint, and can rearrange detrimental landscape patterns and remove entities. This stone reconciles you to your shadow.   

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