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About Andrea

Andrea is currently pursuing licensure as a mental health counselor specializing in the areas of grief, loss, and trauma, and is dedicated to empowering others to move from survival mode to healing. She enjoys working one-on-one with individual clients, facilitating groups and workshops, and providing professional consultations. She holds certifications in grief counseling and as a Reiki master, and creates handmade malas for meditation. Andrea believes in the mind-body connection and utilizes an integrative approach that addresses the whole person. 

My Story

Some things need to be experienced to be truly understood, and life has gifted me with a plethora of perspectives. Years of extraordinary challenges took an increasing toll on my physical health and the effects became disabling. Being the only living parent to my young children, I embarked on a mission to reclaim my health and well-being. It was in this process that I discovered the reciprocal connection of mind and body, and the power of the human spirit. Reclaiming my health and rebuilding my life inspired the pursuit of another dream- helping others tap into their personal power, increase resiliency, and provide effective tools and support for navigating through their challenges.


Over fourteen years of volunteer peer support for the widowed community has offered deep insights into the unique needs of this underserved population. Covid gave me the extra nudge to finally take the leap and continue my education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling allowing me to make a difference on a deeper level with a wider reach. As a lifelong learner, I enjoy keeping up to date with the most effective methods of care while continuing to advance in my areas of specialization. What I've learned so far is there are many paths to healing, and everyone's path is uniquely their own. Let's discover yours together!

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