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Chakra:  Root (base), crown, soma


Beneficial for: Insecurity, guilt, fear, emotional body healing, passivity/activity, balance, environmental harmony, insomnia, emotional stress, tissue regeneration, protection, 12-strand DNA healing, excretion, abdominal pain, skin diseases, kidney or gallstones, electromagnetic and environmental pollution, radiation, stress, convalescence after illness or hospitalization, circulation, digestive and sexual organs, balancing mineral content of the body.

Native American legend says that Leopard (or Leopardskin) Jasper was created to be a bridge to the deepest mysteries, honoring the dark and assisting you in fulfilling karmic agreements. In addition to carrying the generic properties of Jasper, this stone cuts off outer vision, focusing perception. Mirroring the outside world back to you, it clears ingrained assumptions, aligning you to your life path. Leopard Jasper fortifies natural resistance, maintaining health, and engenders respect for native peoples and their innate wisdom.

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